“A life with no passion is no life at all.” I don’t remember when I heard this or even who said it, but it’s been something I’ve spent many hours contemplating. When I was younger I assumed that passion related to love, because isn’t life supposed to be all about finding your one true love? What if your one true love isn’t a person, or a beloved pet, what if your true love is something that you do? I’ve struggled for many years with my art (as most artists do), even nearly gave it all up to pursue a “real” career, but I’d always come back to the same conclusion...I couldn’t give up my art. Since I can remember it has been the one driving force in my life, the thing that has pulled me through the darkest moments of my life and brought me the most is the great passion of my life. This wrist surgery really got to me, being physically unable to do my work, feeling so helpless and frustrated. Now after two weeks the cast is finally off and though I still have to wear a brace, I’ve at least been able to work on design sketches. Slowly feeling like myself again and anxiously waiting to regain full mobility so that I can bring these to life.

Cait Clark