Meet the Maker


Hi, I’m Cait of CAIT SHEA (the real life person that does a happy dance every time you make a purchase online), and this is my #fashionrevolutionstory: I studied apparel design at @risd1877 where I learned the art of pattern drafting, draping, tailoring and to really appreciate the fine art of clothing. Once I graduated the harsh reality of the fashion industry hit me like a brick (the few available) all entailed me sending technical designs to manufacturers overseas to be produced. Designers are completely removed from production, and the actual makers are viewed as faceless machines. Craftsmanship and quality have been replaced by profit margins and shareholders. I was repulsed and heartbroken! Always stubborn & defiant, I left NYC and returned to CT to build my own brand. I had no idea how to start my own line, but I was adamant that I’d never outsource any labour...quality would be top priority. Fast-forward through years of “paying my dues” and struggling to build a brand in my “spare” time, and I’m so thankful that I never gave up on my mission to create timeless & sustainable designs. Nearly a year ago I finally quit my job to open my first brick & mortar boutique in the charming village of Chester, CT. I’ve stumbled and fumbled along the way, but I am proud of the brand that I am building. Each piece is made by hand in our Chester, CT studio by either myself or my assistant using all natural fibers and dead-stock fabrics. We put a lot of love into all that we do, and we truly want you to feel like your best self in our designs. None of this would be possible without the support from my friends & family (thank you Mom🙏🏻). In addition the #slowfashionmovement has been such an incredible motivator and inspiration...I am very lucky to be a part of such a supportive community of fellow designers, bloggers, activists, and followers. 

Ps. #Imadeyourclothes

Cait Clark